How To Create An Educational App For Android And Ios In 2022

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Education is no longer as tedious as most adults may remember. These days, it’s possible to study anytime and anywhere using only a smartphone. The education market has become a platform for tech innovations and a significant niche for business. Firstly, a user would want it to be smooth, secure, and compatible with different mobile operating systems and interfaces. In addition, one would expect the mode of communication to be reliable and quick.

They supported the company’s initial vision and found creative ways to make it a reality. At Octal, we build feature rich and technologically advanced delivery applications for home delivery – including Food and Grocery. Communicate with your users through a Video Conferencing Channel. If you know you want to focus on Apple products, that means you’re going to have to specialize on development for iOS. There are programs you can install on your Mac or iPhone to get started, such as Xcode. Start by researching the challenges iOS developers often face, and if your budget allows, get acquainted with as many Apple products as you can.

Educational Mobile Application Development

Despite the fact that the remote learning format has been around for quite some time, an unexpected and forced transition has become a big challenge nonetheless. But these difficulties proved to be a blessing in disguise for the educational app market. So thinking about how to create an educational app is a promising move. Some education apps are only to provide a platform for learners and tutors to connect online and teach, whereas others will be facilitating a lot of activities simultaneously. Development of an application for the purpose of learning via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets is a combination of creativity as well as understanding the eLearning processes.

What Will Be The Main Features Of The Educational App That We Develop For You?

According to forecasts, by 2019, videos will generate 80% of global Internet traffic. First of all, entertainment content is going to be in demand, but the trend will affect the mobile education market. Ducational apps for adults and kids are gaining momentum in popularity.

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Let’s say scrolling the catalog of learning materials or choosing a mentor. A good app design should help win your target market’s confidence and make customers constantly drawn to using your solution. The UI/UX design of the platform plays a crucial role in improving user experience and customer satisfaction. So, it’s best to understand how your app works to give your customers a great user experience. Similarly, EdTech products for wearables ( e.g., augmented reality) and connected TVs will significantly raise your mobile app’s cost. There are two main types of edu apps — for students and teachers.

  • The educational app developers must support creating an account using email, phone number, or via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Some students would like to check out the courses their friends take or learn about what they will be having next year.
  • Developing an educational app, you need to consider solutions for kids.
  • They will allow you to create features to expand and deepen the learning experience.
  • Facebook and Google logins add up to easier onboarding, while the ability to invite friends allows you to scale up faster.
  • We offer easy to track, manage, and organize the corporate learning goals to the educational institutes or organizations.
  • Such companies as Benesse, Prous & Naspers, and Stripes invested in Udemy development.

There’s no need to stop, it’s worth continuing to search for new opportunities and use the situation to develop new projects and ideas. So the creation of applications for learning is now especially relevant. The development team if proficient will have all these factors in mind and will design the application in accordance with the latest development tools and technology. The instant evaluation of their attempt allows them an assessment that helps propel their learning process.

Providing students with easy-to-use interactive applications allows maintaining the communication between them and the educational institution or the brand, or whoever the provider is. The right team can benefit your company in more ways than just developing an educational app. It helps people visiting your online education platform to navigate through online courses easily, this works even if your app features an offline mode. As a startup that works with the fastest time-to-market, you and the EdTech app development team must agree on a swift delivery time. A distinctive feature of Khan Academy is the content format that is present in the courses on the platform.

This makes competition in the prices and the customer gets the benefits. The increase in deals boots the overall revenue of the industry. Building an education app required you to own some technical skills. For iOS app, Swift is used for iphone app development whereas for Android app development Kotlin is used. Developing the cross platform apps is possible with the help of Xamarin, React Native, or Flutter. Mobile apps are accessible by everyone and education application development has made education easier.

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The Type Of Educational Application

And again, when it comes to children, the simplicity of design is primary. At the same time, the bright graphics and interesting sound should accommodate the needs of all customers. In addition, the faster the user gets the desired result, the better the chances they keep your educational app. Students can find online courses they need or come back to completed soon. For teachers, they are able to adjust to the programs they teach.

Through our best online education app you will be able to conduct individual as well as group assessments for your students to know what progress they are making while taking your online classes. Timed quizzes and exams will give them a sense of real-world examinations and will prepare them for future competitive exams. We enable your e-learning system with web conferencing and video conferencing using cutting-edge technologies.

Considering all the factors we’ve discussed, let’s single out the final time and price to create an education app. So, let’s find out the time developers need to build each feature for iOS, Android, and web . We’ve also added the Flutter estimation to show you the difference in price. To give you a hint, we’ve listed the required technologies to make an educational app.

You also need the best animators, graphic designers, content developers and every other creative person you hire must be top of the pack. Similarly, if you wish to hire an app development company for the education app development company, be sure to choose the best. ICoderz is a leading mobile app development company in India that builds apps for various platforms (Android & iOS). It inaugurated its operations in the year 2009 with a few young and dynamic techno-entrepreneurs with the aim of offering customized services in the area of mobile app development.

For example, it can be 3D models of ancient ruins or a model of a human skeleton. The most popular technologies for implementing custom AR features are ARCore and ARKit. It’s not enough to create an educational app allowing users to gain new knowledge and get various skills. You need to offer them a real network to communicate with each other. We’re talking about chat, the ability to add other users as friends, and similar features.

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Only then, your app could attract and retain users and grow your edTech brand. Undoubtedly, 2021 has bought a drastic change in almost every industry, and education is not left untouched with the impact of modern technologies. In fact, it is right to say that the evolution of smartphones and mobile applications has redefined the way we learn and bridged a gap between learners and teachers. Now, with the availability of various educational apps, learning has become far more engaging, easier, and simpler for the students and teachers.

Educational Mobile Application Development

Build an educational app of top-notch quality; surely, you’ll need additional help from outside, and we know what to offer in this regard. The client was from Spain and belonged to the education sector. To turn a unique e-learning concept into life, he approached us.

What Are The Benefits Of Building An Educational Platform App With Appy Pie?

It’s exactly what it sounds like, although it may not be that simple. Mobile application development is the process of writing software for mobile devices. It’s a unique endeavor in that it gives the developer the chance to build an application from scratch in a relatively short period. It’s a safe bet that you use applications on your smartphone every day.

Mobile Application Development

A functional educational mobile app can be built in 2-3 months. If you want to use an existing framework you can have a functional mobile app for your institution, school, or college within 2-3 weeks but then, the choice of options will be naturally limited. A single-blinded, randomized controlled study was carried out in volunteer students from the degree of Physiotherapy in Health Sciences Faculty of the University of Granada.

It visualizes the learning subject in the form of a branching tree so that the user can see the direction of learning and his progress in mastering the “skill”. Below we’ve categorized and listed some of the features that could be great should you decide to create a school mobile app. Educational app ideas earlier, and we hope you choose one of them to bring it to life. However, before you jump into action, check the potential demand.

How Can I Become An App Developer With No Experience?

That’s why during e-learning app development, we also incorporate timely push notifications and alerts. They are essential since they help rapidly inform and remind students about new courses, assignments, or resources. For both those looking for ways to learn and those looking to get an online learning mobile app developed, mobile apps for education sector have emerged as the most important focus. Every part of today’s eLearning is designed with the intention of preserving the essence of information sharing and teaching. The various alternatives and module selection have helped to elevate knowledge acquisition to a new level. We use C++ for Mac/Windows client, Java for e-learning applications for Android, and Objective-C for educational apps for iPhone.

Our school management application features library automation, making it easy for students to search, issue, and return the books hassle-free & without wasting much time. Help students earn recognition for their knowledge of Swift and Xcode. Teach key computing concepts and help students build a solid foundation in programming with Swift. At the end of the course, students apply their app development skills to create a basic iOS app. We provides 360° Mobile & Web solutions that turn your ideas into world-class products and help you reach your target customer.

This quick guide will act as a checklist to keep an eye on the important aspects that must not be missed while the development process of an eLearning application. Opt for developers who have already delivered eLearning solutions and teams that have successfully helped launch eLearning portals and applications. Only those who have troubleshooted the challenges on the way to developing eLearning platforms will be able to guide you the best way forward. A senior business analyst engaged from the tech team will understand your requirements and the purpose of launching the educational app. A technology stack that helps meet the custom requirements is necessary rather than choosing to fix what tools to exploit for the development. Students can register and access these as per their individual or class learning needs.