Africa for Excellence

Assisting young people to achieve economic sustainability, educational, moral and spiritual development in order of being pioneers of sustainable development in their respective countries.


The development landscape in Rwanda has changed considerably since the adoption of Vision 2020 in the year 2000. The progress made in less than two decades has given Rwandans much hope and belief to aspire for greater achievements. The National Strategy for Transformation (NST1) which is also the Seven Year Government Programme (7YGP) comes at a unique moment in the country’s development trajectory which will see the crossover from Vision 2020 to Vision 2050. This strategy is expected to lay the foundation for decades of sustained growth and transformation that will accelerate the move towards achieving high standards of living for all Rwandans.


Africa for Excellence former Rivers of Nations (RINAF) is a local faith-based organization founded by Pastor Christian Gisanura in 2008 as a church social activity in order to assist the youth to build their future and achieve their dreams. Later, Pastor Christian Gisanura, the founder and CEO of Careers Building Consultants decided to bring together the Two institutions in One activity in order not only to bring his contribution to African development in General and Rwanda in particular.


The A4E mission is to work on the behaviour change of youth and fight against poverty, delinquency and sexually transmitted diseases.


The A4E vision is to assist young people to achieve economic sustainability, educational, moral and spiritual development in order of being pioneers of sustainable development in their respective countries.

Organization Activities


To train people to become professionals in their respective careers, fight against unemployment through entrepreneurship courses, capacity building and jobs creation;


Contribute to education by creating nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools, vocation training centers and universities;


To assist sick people without families in hospitals, fighting against malaria, TB, VIH/SIDA and children undernourishment;


To promote and protect the environment through the cooperatives of youth, for jobs, schools and vocation training opportunities;


To promote the people with disabilities talents, assist them to overcome complexes and participate in employment competitions;


Training on psychosocial support approach, sexual reproductive health and Early Childhood Development;


Train the full-time ministers in entrepreneurship, grow their talents, and employments competitions to develop themselves and their ministries;


Preach the Gospel and establish a ministers’ training center for their calling growth in accordance with the country’s development;


Fight against drugs consumption through sports and sports competitions;

Activities carried out
  • A4E have sent some youth to primary school, and others to the vocation training center at the Center of Champion in Rwamagana.

  • A4E opened a primary school with a catch-up program that oversees 102 children. This school opened its doors in February 2009 with 300 children, and it has far to go to school 61 children in 2009 and 35 in 2010, 26 students in 2011, and closed the program on 2012 with 510 graduates. Today most of them are secondarily and university graduates, parents and business people.

  • A4E trained others 63 youth in the use of computers.

  • A4E launched and manager from February 2010 to June 2014 a training center in hotel Operation which allowed 256 youth to graduate and now most of them are hotels and restaurants workers

  • A4E Created a training center for house workers to only one promotion of 30 people. Today some are working in expatriates’ families and other changed the fields. the center was called DOMESTIC TRAINING SCHOOL (DTS).

  • A4E with Japanese Embassy partnership, assisted 3 cooperatives (Muhanga, Ngoma and Rwamagana Districts) in BANANA FIBER TEXTILE TRAINING IMPLEMENTATION FOR VULNERABLE WOMEN)




Because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept one we are.

Because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.

Gasabo District, Kimironko Sector
Magnificat House, 1 st Floor, Room 11